The Story of Jim Wells

At 52 years old, Jim Wells was the picture of health, until a genetic heart condition caused him to have

two life-changing strokes. When the strokes occurred in October of 2018, Jim was rushed to St. Mary’s in

Athens, Georgia. He spent two weeks in the neuro-ICU and another week on the neuro floor. The social workers

helped orchestrate his transition to the Shepherd Center where he continued therapy for 2 and half months.

Almost three and a half years later, Jim is fully self-sufficient at home and is able to spend his time doing things

he loves.

Forever an entrepreneur, he is working to build a legacy out of his own tragedy. Although the stroke

affected his speech, he has been blessed with unique artistic talents, and now has the time to make use of his

gifts. Well-known for his charismatic personality and sense of humor, Jim continues to communicate through

his improving speech and his illustrations. He draws inspiration from his love for UGA athletics and Athens,

Georgia. As a graduate from UGA from Graphic Design in 1991, Jim followed the footsteps of his mom and her

dad as Bulldog graduates. His wife Amy is a graduate from UGA, and their three children and a daughter-in-law

are graduates or attending UGA. Jim’s faithful pet is an English bulldog named Herschel. He is invested in


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Jim Wells lives out this motto every day. Once a Real

Estate guru and an expert in communications, Wells now spends his time using an entirely different set of

talents. Jim Wells was born with another mode of communication. A prolific producer of art all his life, he

returned to artwork as a tool for communication and as an avenue to express his creativity. Wells wants people

to be aware of his story and to learn more about how they can help prevent a stroke.